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RapidAscent NIST Hero

At RapidAscent, we’re helping students take on a dynamic and exciting career as a cybersecurity professional.

Designed with Leading Employers

We've worked with leading employers in industries that include financial, retail, energy, healthcare and aerospace to co-design a training environment that helps you build confidence and master the professional skills that companies need.

Live-Fire Training

Our curriculum interweaves fundamentals with real-world, hands-on training that prepare you to handle any type of cyber threat or complex situation you will encounter throughout your career.

Career Alignment

Beginning early in the program, we tailor your training to existing corporate cyber roles and help match you to sponsored apprenticeships so that you’re ready for a seamless transition into your future company immediately upon graduation.

Skill Enhancement Beyond Graduation

Committed to lifelong learning, we provide ongoing training programs on the latest threats, vendor products and control measures, so that you can continue to enhance your skills and rapidly grow in your career after graduation.

RapidAscent Academy

Hands-on apprenticeships. Adaptive learning curriculum. Real-world training. Career placement. Using state-of-the-art AI, gamified live-fire threats, real-world projects and coaching from industry experts, RapidAscent Academy will help you build skills that are in-demand by leading companies.

Weekly threats focus

Apache Log4J Updates

Dec 22, 2021

Updated 12/22/2021: The Apache Log4J vulnerabilities will be updated when new critical information is released. Please monitor this report for updates as this vulnerability continues to grow and change.

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Glupteba Disrupted by Google

Dec 22, 2021

In December 2021, Google took action to disrupt the Glupteba botnet, a sophisticated botnet which targets Windows machines and protects itself using blockchain technology.

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Apache Log4J2 Vulnerability

Dec 13, 2021

A new critical remote code execution vulnerability in Apache Log4j2, a Java-based logging tool, was disclosed on 10 December 2021. There is no known proof-of-concept exploit available at this time, but this vulnerability is easy to exploit, and a public exploit is expected soon.

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