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Transform Your Cybersecurity Program Through Operation Training.

Market Challenge

Keeping Pace

Attacks increasing exponentially

Cyber sophistication rapidly changing

Current written certification training not keeping pace with technology and threats

Nature of Skills

Cyber skills are highly perishable as the nature of tasks and skills are changing daily

Security mindset needs to change overnight

High volume and sophisticated attacks

Job Readiness

Technology and task best practices changing

Need shift to mindset of “no system is secure”

It’s not knowledge, but operating in a task-centric manner that defines job readiness

What makes us different

Gamified Job Readiness training
Task-Oriented vs. Knowledge-based Approach
Real World Scenario Job Simulator
Readiness Performance Tracking

Our mission

We partner with companies and Learners Alike to

Our History

Founded upon two decades of cybersecurity experience.

The founders of RapidAscent realized there were key gaps in cybersecurity training that spans commercial, national defense, nuclear security, and critical infrastructure education.

Prior Training Experience, MIT and Stanford.

With decades of university, National Lab and corporate risk management experience, RapidAscent’s founders incubated and piloted online operational task training, drawing from their experience and success in operational flight simulation training.

Created RapidAscent in 2020 to address key underlying challenges in worldwide digital security.

Motivated by the massive monetary and strategic losses across industry and government, largely caused by lack of expert staff, RapidAscent was founded to transform cybersecurity with next generation operational training.

Developed new apprentice programs and employee upskilling to address the wide range of skills gaps.

Help cybersecurity professionals operate effectively from their first fundamental training through internship, apprenticeship, hiring, advancement, promotion, and retention.

Continued transformation.

Launched F50 aerospace training program with leaders in the industry, serving supply chain vendors and customers and engaging other industries. Received Good Jobs grant from US DOC with Boeing, adding DOL Registration and continued extension into corporate upskilling.

Executive Team

Mike Lyons

Chief Executive Officer &

Craig Schultz

Chief Product Officer &

Brian DeMuth

Chief Growth Officer & Co-Founder

Mehdi Cherqaoui


Jeff DeSouza

Director, Platform Development

Neel Amin

Director, Instruction and Curriculum Development

Advisory Team

Chris Villasenor

Co-Founder, Dir, TealSpace Inc.

Lynda Elis

President & CEO, Capitol Concierge

Matt Weaver

Director, Cyber Bytes Foundation

Bill Smith

Chairman, Board of Dir, Young Marines

Mike Hallinan

Former Dir, Cyber CSAA, Marine, Veterans Education

Paris E L'Etraz, PhD

Managing Director Venture Lab, IE Business School

Jack Murphy

AI/ML Specialist, MIT

Todd Rowley

Old Dominion Bank, Nova, and VA Tech

Mark Goodwin

Former VA Tech Assoc, Director Hume Center

Marty Hernandez

Business Strategy Advisor