Learn From Cyber
Security Experts

We bring decades of experience in corporate skills training for the workforce in areas including risk management, penetration testing (ethical hacking), security engineering, malware reverse engineering, incident response, and cloud security.

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Our Instructors

Ajay Menendez

Ajay uses his 30 years of in-depth business IT experience, a psychology degree, a decade of cybersecurity experience and half a decade of cybersecurity education experience to create engaging operational training that leverages multiple perspectives from across the cybersecurity industry.

Rick Ricker

Rick is the Senior Cyber Instructor at RapidAscent; an Electrical Engineer with years of experience ranging from manufacturing to entertainment industries including Northrup Aircraft and CTO at Taco Bell, he brings a successful teaching career at 4 Universities to RapidAscent across multiple Computer Science topics including Networking, Programming, Cybersecurity, Linux OS, and cyber curriculum development.

Jeff DeSouza

Jeff is a Cybersecurity Instructor at RapidAscent, bringing best practices in automation and secure system development on commercial ERP systems. He has built end-to-end applications as a software engineer at Galvanize. He brings his experience and training in team exercises at the Hack Reactor Full Stack Development academy and carries a BS in computer science Washington University.