Protect Organizations
Through Cybersecurity

Transition into a lucrative and impactful career in
cybersecurity to protect our nation’s leading organizations.

RapidAscent Job Readiness Career Transition

RapidAscent presents a 17-week Cybersecurity Job Readiness Program, specifically designed for Active Duty Military, Veterans, and Military Spouses. Integrating the DoD SkillBridge. In collaboration with partners such as CityUniversity and Vets2PM, it offers immersive, hands-on virtual job training. To help service members in the final 180 days of their military service, the program aims to facilitate a smooth and successful transition to a rewarding career in the rapidly evolving field of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity provides you an opportunity to continue your mission to protect the nation in the public or private sectors and the country’s infrastructure. You make a long-lasting impact by solving the technology industry’s most challenging problems and shielding sensitive information from outside threats.

Much like national security, this career path requires individuals to have a drive to serve and a mission-focused mindset. You embody those characteristics and hold the experiences to make a difference in cybersecurity, a career field with many opportunities for growth.

Our competitive JumpStart program is designed to help you with your transition from the military to a new fast-paced, mission-focused, and lucrative role in cybersecurity. With 3.5 million unfilled jobs worldwide, we are your catalyst into this new career. We are a DOL Registered Program with SkillBridge approval. VET TEC coming soon.

A Fun Gamified Learning Journey

Through our self-paced learning platform, gain key skills through engaging content, level up to unlock rooms, earn achievement badges, and prepare for your certifications.

Hands-On Experience In A Job Simulation

We provide a realistic training environment that helps you build confidence and master the professional skills that companies need.

Showcase Your Achievements To Leading Employers

Build a digital portfolio to showcase your achievements with top industry employers within our network like The Boeing Company.

Get Recruited For Paid Apprenticeships

Upon completion of JumpStart (1) qualify for training and match to an employer job or (2) go directly into a company-sponsored DOL apprenticeship. 

Financial Aid & Support

Participate in our Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program at zero cost to you.

Our hands-on training is competency and skill-based which propels you into a paid apprenticeship program. We take the same crawl, walk, run approach that works for the military.

There’s a lot of ways to get funding for your transition into a new career. We work with you to identify what programs you qualify for and combine various funding sources together to fully cover your tuition. 

The programs include SkillBridge, DOL, VA programs, grants, and more.

Active Duty

Current Program


Current Program

Learn More About Our Industry Programs Such As Our Aerospace Program Training Including Companies Like The Boeing Company.

Master tasks to secure products from government related sectors, such as aerospace and defense systems, and commercial systems, such as finance and healthcare.

Learners’ Testimonials

Exciting day today!!!! Dived into the world of Security Technical implementation Guides (STIGs) today! ... As we navigate an ever-evolving threat landscape, understanding and implementing STIGS is essential for safeguarding data and systems. Super excited to be able to get some hands-on experience.
Irina Burke
Oct 2023 Cohort
During my time at Rapidascent, I have participated in some extraordinary training in cybersecurity. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this curriculum! If you are looking to work in cybersecurity, RapidAscent is a great place to start your career!

Anthony Lewis
Oct 2023 Cohort
If anyone is thinking about getting into, or furthering their career in cybersecurity, do yourself a favor and attend any of the Colorado Springs events (with RapidAscent). The food is delicious, and the people are more welcoming and helpful than you could ever imagine.

Andrew Neishem
July 2023 Cohort
RapidAscent hands on training has been a game changer, especially with my newfound experience in STIGs. ‼ I am looking forward to even more auditing experience to make sure operations align with industry standards and security protocols.
Michael Lawrence
Oct 2023 Cohort
I have got to say this was a really great and amazing time. Being able to be surrounded by those in the industry and learn from them, the value that I gained this evening was tremendous!

Monkendrick Williams
July 2023 Cohort
I made invaluable connections with cybersecurity professionals and learned from those who have been in the industry for decades. The insight that they've given me it's been invaluable.

Ed Driver
Aoril 2022 Cohort

Aerospace Program Case Study

Each year, numerous cohorts of applicants from the BTAP go through our JumpStart Program to learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity and get assessed for performance. From those students, top performers are chosen for a paid technical apprenticeship, where they spend up to 12 months gaining hands-on experiences and job-ready skills to become a qualified full-time job candidate at Boeing.

Upon completion, students receive an industry-recognized credential from Boeing as well as a recognized U.S. Department of Labor registered apprenticeship credential.

Trent has served in the Navy, Navy Reserves, National Guard, and Army ROTC. Upon degree completion at Indiana University he was commissioned as an Army Officer serving in a Military Intelligence branch detailed to Artillery. He served 40 months in combat and is 100% disabled. He successfully graduated from a cybersecurity bootcamp that allowed him to land his dream job as an ISSO.

Like many veterans, he experienced the challenge of going from the known to the unknown. The work culture of the private sector is nothing like military traditions, and working in an organization entails different expectations. That can be disorienting and daunting.

You’re Already 50% There On Your Cybersecurity Journey

As transitioning service members and veterans, you already possess protective skills that are highly transferable to cybersecurity. 

Leveraging JumpStart

The JumpStart Program exists to give you the training, guidance, and resources to successfully go into cybersecurity. From learning how to write a resume and interview to working on hands-on projects that train for key skills, we help to take the confusion out of the transitioning process so you can continue to serve and further your career in the private sector.

You Have The Foundations Already

You bring your diverse experience and core skills to the JumpStart program. You will receive technical training to transfer those skills to cybersecurity. Afterward, you get matched with our partner employers for direct hire into a career position or participate in a highly-competitive on-the-job DOL apprenticeship program. 

The same commitment to the mission, dedication, and passion that you displayed in your military service will lead to continued success in your transition to cybersecurity.

Job Readiness Training

Achieve the Job Readiness
That Employers Need

Qualify for our Tuition-based Job Readiness program and more competitive Apprenticeships:

  • Accelerated 17-week Full-Time Training
    “If you pay tuition and take the accelerated program, you may be able to move into an apprenticeship right away during the training or after if an employer picks you up as an apprentice.”
  • Accelerated 23-week Evening Training
    “If you pay tuition and take the accelerated program, you may be able to move into an apprenticeship right away during the training or after if an employer picks you up as an apprentice.”
  • Opportunities for 1-yr Apprenticeship
    “Please note that the apprenticeship programs are highly competitive and difficult to win and can take up to 6 months to compete for.”

Interact with companies while training in any of our programs. Prepare to move into a career job directly or compete for a DOL-registered apprenticeship program.

Get up to 30 college degree track credits while taking any of our programs.

RapidAscent’s 5-Step Job Readiness Plan

Achieve Key Career milestones

Create Account

10-15 Minutes

Select “Get Started” And Fill Out Survey

Answer all questions and Create Your RapidAScent Account to Start the Process


Meet 1-On-1

60-90 Minutes

Schedule and attend a
1-on-1 assessment

Meet with a RapidAscent team member to discuss what success means to you, begin planning Your Path Forward.



60-90 Minutes

Finalize Acceptance Plan

Prepare a plan that includes enrollment, role specialization, college credits, mentors, and community.


Jump Start

6-8 Hours of Initial Training

Launch immediately with JumpStart Pre-training

Start Executing with JumpStart pre-training to prepare for full immersive training To Provide a baseline for yourself on Key Fundamentals.


Full Immersion

Start 17-Week Program

Enter Job Simulation Training

Learn and execute Tasks that you will be Doing your first year on the job, supported by teams, network, and Coaches.

We Give You the training, tools, and contacts to break into Cyber Security

Match To Employers

Job Ready

Prior to, During, or Upon successful completion of Immersive Training, match with potential employers that offer Direct hire and apprenticeship opportunities

Our Community

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After passing JumpStart, and any required interviews, you can enter a 17-week Partnering College Tuition paid program and meet the immediate hiring needs of our partnering companies.  We help you connect directly with these companies. These programs often have the benefit of awarding college credits towards a degree with VA Benefit support.

Find out more by creating an account and reviewing our upcoming opportunities.

Our opportunities are open to all veterans, no matter what military occupational codes, specialties, or certifications you earned. We will help you on your journey to becoming a cybersecurity professional regardless of your military experience and your MOS, AFSC, NEC, Rating, or Classification.

You will receive macro and micro-credentials for completing courses and sets of courses during the training phase and will receive a Credly-recognized certificate of completion for the apprenticeship program. For partnering companies, the RapidAscent micro-credential may be awarded jointly with the corporate partner’s credential. Typically, the apprenticeships are Department of Labor approved.

Apprentices are full-time apprenticed employees from day one and, if apprenticeship requirements are met (taking and passing classes and learning through on-the-job training), full job employment is not guaranteed and will be determined by the company upon completion of the program.