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RapidAscent provides the training, tools, and contacts you need to jumpstart your career. Get job ready!

Try The Latest Job Readiness Training!

We provide everything you need to break into cybersecurity, no matter where you’re starting from. No degree or experience required.

A Fun Gamified Learning Journey

Through our self-paced learning platform, gain key skills through engaging content, level up to unlock rooms, earn achievement badges, and prepare for your certifications.

Hands-On Experience In A Job Simulation

We provide a realistic training environment that helps you build confidence and master the professional skills that companies need.

Train to the Exact Tasks That Our Employers Need

Learn tasks employers require on the job and showcase your achievements to perform them for The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin, and others.

Get Recruited For Paid Apprenticeships

Upon completion of our JumpStart Program, qualify for our accelerated training and match to employers and apprenticeships before or during the training.

Open to anyone.
No degree or experience required

Cybersecurity is exciting, lucrative, and in high demand. We reflect that in our learning content and program structure to make sure you can see yourself as a future cybersecurity professional.

Whether you are looking for an alternative path to college or a career change, RapidAscent gives you the freedom to pave your own way.

We designed our program to provide you with a seamless journey from learning cybersecurity for the first time to working as a skilled cybersecurity professional at a major company.

How It Works

Job Readiness Training

Achieve the Job Readiness
That Employers Need

Qualify for our Tuition-based Job Readiness program and more competitive Apprenticeships:

  • Accelerated 17-week Full-Time Training
    “If you pay tuition and take the accelerated program, you may be able to move into an apprenticeship right away during the training or after if an employer picks you up as an apprentice.”
  • Accelerated 23-week Evening Training
    “If you pay tuition and take the accelerated program, you may be able to move into an apprenticeship right away during the training or after if an employer picks you up as an apprentice.”
  • Opportunities for 1-yr Apprenticeship
    “Please note that the apprenticeship programs are highly competitive and difficult to win and can take up to 6 months to compete for.”

Interact with companies while training in any of our programs. Prepare to move into a career job directly or compete for a DOL-registered apprenticeship program.

Get up to 30 college degree track credits while taking any of our programs.

RapidAscent’s 5-Step Job Readiness Plan

Achieve Key Career milestones

Create Account

10-15 Minutes

Select “Get Started” And Fill Out Survey

Answer all questions and Create Your RapidAScent Account to Start the Process


Meet 1-On-1

60-90 Minutes

Schedule and attend a
1-on-1 assessment

Meet with a RapidAscent team member to discuss what success means to you, begin planning Your Path Forward.



60-90 Minutes

Finalize Acceptance Plan

Prepare a plan that includes enrollment, role specialization, college credits, mentors, and community.


Jump Start

6-8 Hours of Initial Training

Launch immediately with JumpStart Pre-training

Start Executing with JumpStart pre-training to prepare for full immersive training To Provide a baseline for yourself on Key Fundamentals.


Full Immersion

Start 17-Week Program

Enter Job Simulation Training

Learn and execute Tasks that you will be Doing your first year on the job, supported by teams, network, and Coaches.

We Give You the training, tools, and contacts to break into Cyber Security

Match To Employers

Job Ready

Prior to, During, or Upon successful completion of Immersive Training, match with potential employers that offer Direct hire and apprenticeship opportunities

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Learn More About Our Industry Programs Such As Our Aerospace Program Training Including Companies Like The Boeing Company.

Master tasks to secure products such as aircraft, defense systems, and the latest in self-driven systems.


All training is oriented at the tasks that you will need to do on the job as a successful entry-level cybersecurity professional. All training is designed in conjunction with employers to ensure you are job ready and maximizes your hiring opportunities.

You do not have to have a degree or any prior experience to join our program. You only need to pass our JumpStart training and have an interview process to be accepted. If you have a degree at any level in cybersecurity or other programs, but need the operational experience, you can also attend our programs.

Our full time program runs 17-weeks with instruction and joint exercises starting at 7:30 pm PT/10:30pm ET and closing at 2:00 pm PT / 5:00 pm ET. Self-driven work can be done during the remaining portion of your day depending on your tme zone.

The 23-week evening program has 4 hours Mon-Thu and another 8 hours of self-driven to be completed on the weekend or other times of your choosing during the week. The instruction runs from 5pm to 7pm PT/ 8pm to 10 pm each evening. 2 hours self-directed training can be done for the rest of the evening.

You will receive a certificate from RapidAscent along with a certficate from our partnering university and a credly badge that is approved for the aerospace profession in Cybersecurity. You will also get a certification for training that allows you to apply this training towards a DOL-pprenticeship program moving forward. In addition, if you do not have CompTIA Sec+, we will provide training to test for Sec+ and if you already have Sec+, then we will help you in your CySA+ and Net+. We are a proud partner of CompTIA.