Wanted, millions of cybersecurity professionals. Rate, top dollar.

We invest in you. With no prior degree or upfront tuition required, we provide accelerated, role-based school and workforce training designed to make you high-value in the wake of today’s headline attacks.

For Learners

Preparing you for a seamless transition into your new career.
We provide you with direct career matching and placement partway through the program so that upon graduation, you’re ready for a high-paying, sustainable career in cybersecurity. Working in partnership with top employers, we co-design curriculums so that you receive tailored training directly aligned to organizational needs.
We know the strength and advantages that a diverse workforce brings to cybersecurity and our program is designed to support its growth. We welcome the unique contributions that you can bring in terms of your education, culture, ethnicity, race, gender identity and expression, age, religion, disability, and sexual orientation. Be you, with us!
Combining over 50 years in cybersecurity execution, education and AI systems, we offer an experiential curriculum to provide you cyber mastery and real-operational competence. Courses combine live instruction, individual and group exercises, and critical repitition and reinforcement in on-the-job training environments to make you fluent in cyber.

Curriculums adapt to each student’s background and learning needs so that you can progress at your optimal pace to ensure understanding and success. Our learners include high school graduates, graduates from previous universities seeking career placement, veterans, those returning to work and those seeking a new career path.

Transform Your Career

For Employers

Strengthening your workforce with employees that supercharge your company from Day 1.
Cyber mastery. Live-fire competence. Professional skills and strong work ethic. Diverse fit. RapidAscent Academy graduates bring real-world training directly aligned to open positions at your organization so they can begin Day 1 with confidence, competence and immediate value into your workforce.

Working in partnership to understand your hiring needs, objectives and timeline, we design an end-to-end educational and training pipeline that’s tailored to your organization and prepared to scale with you. Learners train in threat, product, task and skill areas directly aligned to your needs and open positions, including training in critical foundational and professional skills.

Matching learners and employers. Our learning environment tracks key metrics on student credentials, skills, tools and performance to identify potential student and employer matches. Matching occurs partway through the program so that learners receive organization-specific training for the remainder of their courses to allow them a seamless transition into your company.

We are committed to ongoing workforce training programs for role advancement of graduates and all employees alike. Our academy education combined with workforce development empowers all employees to master new skills, broaden their role, and rapidly ascend within your organization – leading to improved retention, employee satisfaction and reduced risk.

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