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Operational training that moves you from written exams to verified tasks and skills

Why Us

Everyday our training provides learners with on-the-job, required tasks.

Integrate with our cloud platform, seamlessly.

Systematically manage your training with credential pathways.

Fill skill gaps with our operational training.


“RapidAscent helps insurance brokers by training their clients that may be having difficulty obtaining cyber insurance. RapidAscent's workforce training brings understanding to security gaps and how to mitigate them!”

Stephen Y.

Cowbell Insurance

“We lost our cybersecurity insurance due to a 6x premium increase and our security score was in the 70's. We worked with RapidAscent to bring our score back up to 94 and were able to become insurable again within a matter of weeks after training”

CEO of a Financial Services Company


Cutting-edge Curriculum
  • Fully customizable curriculum to meet the critical needs of your business.
  • Gain hands-on training on your systems and data, while leveraging the decades of best practice experience from the RapidAscent team.
  • Easily monitor your teams learnings for career progression.
  • Gamify achievements to increase student engagement
Career Pathways
  • Career Pathways take you from zero knowledge to employment to industry veteran to management.
  • Corporate vetted pathways ensure you have the key tasks and skills to perform.

Full Corporate Lifecycle Training

Standard Training

Customized Training
Standard Courses Yes Yes
Instructor-faciliated training Yes Yes
Project-Driven Courses No Yes
Career Pathway No Yes & customizable
Customize Courses No Yes & customizable
Co-Design Courses No Yes
White Label & Resellable No Yes
Career Management No Yes
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Full Corporate Lifecycle Training

Standard Training
Standard Courses
Instructor-faciliated training
Project-Driven Courses
Career Pathway
Customize Courses
Co-Design Courses
White Label & Resellable
Career Management
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