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training & Hiring Effortlessly with LinkForce

A single cloud platform for cutting-edge training and skill-driven hiring.

Why LinkForce

"We need partnerships to help us, people who can keep up with the latest technologies and who have the expertise. RapidAscent is one of these that is really disrupting the field of (cyber) education.”

Michael Fors
Boeing, US Chamber of Commerce Panel

A continuous ecosystem: Hire and train, all in one place.

Every day or training allows the learner to do an on-the-job task

Systematically manage your training with credential pathways.

Fill operational job gaps with our skill-based engines.

Train to the latest technologies and practices in Cyber.

Integrate with your platforms, seamlessly.

Hire to train Process

We train on real-world scenarios and the latest threats at RapidAscent because at the end of the day your adversaries don't care about your cybersecurity certifications. Only your skills and ability to execute tasks matter.


Upload critical jobs into LinkForce


LinkForce breaks jobs down into individual skills


LinkForce vets the best candidates with deep skill matching


Hire and train to your skill requirements, continuously.


Cutting-edge Curriculum
  • Fully customizable curriculum to meet the critical needs of your business.
  • Gain hands-on training on your systems and data, while leveraging the decades of best practice experience from the RapidAscent team.
  • Easily monitor your teams' learnings for career progression.
  • Gamify achievements to increase student engagement
Career Pathways
  • Career Pathways take you from zero knowledge to employment to industry veteran to management.
  • Corporate vetted pathways ensure you have the key tasks and skills to perform.


Deep Skill Matching
  • Find our non-traditional academy learners, and match their interests, performance, and skills to jobs you need to fill.
  • Use LinkForce to help direct academy training for those interesetd in your compnay and match tasks and sklls to thsoe you require.
  • Work with our nation-wide certified partners and help to build a robust apprenticeship program in cyber security
  • Help us train apprenticeship learners to accelerate their on-the-job learning and help ensure a successful transition.
  • Provide scholarships and stipends to remove barriers for non-traditional academy learners who are passionate about your industry
  • Join our tuition reimbursement program as an added bonus for learners you would like to attract into your program.

Full Corporate Lifecycle Training

For standard training
For standard training
For standard training
Standard Courses Yes Yes Yes
Project-Driven Courses No Yes Yes
Career Pathway No Yes & customizable Yes & customizable
Customize Courses No Yes Yes
Co-Design Courses No No Yes
White Label & Resellable No No Yes
Career Management No No Yes

Academy Hiring and Partnering

For Colleges For Businesses
LinkForce Student Connect Yes Yes
Apprenticeship Program No Yes
Joint Polishing Programs No Yes & customizable
Earn-While-You-Learn No Yes & customizable
Corporate Projects No No

Standard training